November 8, 2011

Toddlers change your life

So Noah is now 15 Months...SAD :*(...My Baby is growing up WAY too fast!!

Over the course of 15 Months, my life has changed and I have noticed a few things that others will possibly enjoy so I thought I would share.

A few way Toddlers change your life:

  1. You miss the days when you could go to the bathroom on your own
  2.  Your idea of a "nice" restaurant is somewhere loud so if the kids get upset, no one else notices
  3.  Every time you go to clean the house, Barney's "Clean Up" song gets stuck in your head
  4.  You know what the "Hot Dog Dance" is
  5.  Your house looks like you are running a day care when you only have one 15 months old (oh wait...maybe that is just me...oops!)
  6.  Every time you hear the word "noodle" all you can hear in your head is Elmo's voice saying "Mr. Noodle"
  7. You know who Mr. Noodle is
  8. You find yourself watching kids shows and are actually getting in to them when you notice that you are by yourself because the kids left a LONG time ago


But I wouldn't trade that face for all the bathroom privacy in the world!!!  :)

1 comment:

  1. -When you finally go grocery shopping alone, you notice you are talking to yourself aloud (babies help mommies not look crazy out in public)

    -You have to decide what "luxury" you are going to do during nap time - eat by yourself, shower by yourself, use the potty by yourself, or maybe just maybe watch a show that doesn't come on PBS kids

    - You never thought packing up small baby clothes would make you boo hoo so much.