October 25, 2011

Mexico: The Sequel

Oh long time no post; I know I know. It has been SO busy, and all my posting time has gone to...are you ready for this...sewing! Ahh! Allen got me a sewing machine for our anniversary, and before you flog him for getting my such a "lame gift with a plug", I wanted it! I asked for it! I was sooo excited! :)

I really enjoy it but it has taken all of thinking/writing time! I just finished all of my niece's (AHHH let me bask in that statement a minute....I am going to be an AUNT!!  AAHHH!! Allen's sister is due on Christmas day with our sweet little Hadley Lyn and I can't wait to get my hands on that baby!!) baby shower gifts and so before I start my next few projects, I thought I might try to catch my friends up.

The end of September Allen and I went with two other couples to Mexico for a week to an all inclusive resort. We really had an amazing trip! The resort was quaint but had everything we needed, and I was able to fulfill two of my dreams with-in a 12 hour time span!

First, I got to hold a MONKEY! Yes a real monkey, Oh my goodness it was the cutest thing! They were of the little variety (I have NO clue) but unfortuantely the resort took the pictures and we weren't able to get back down to the place to buy the pictures before we left, but more on that later.

The second... you ready? I just dont know if you are...I got to release a baby sea turtle into the ocean!!! OMG, OMG, OMG. Like seriously, I got to hold this tiny, precious creature that could possibly live until it is like over 100 years old in my hand and put him (or her) on the beach and watch him (or her) crawl its way into the ocean!
When I was little, my Grandmother lived in Satellite Beach, FL and one summer while visiting, her friend's husband took my cousin, me, and his children to the beach one night and we went on a hunt for sea turtles. Now we were not hunting to keep them, or kill them, we were hunting to try to find a momma turtle to watch her lay her eggs. We found one that night, watched her find her spot on the beach dig her hole, and watched her lay over 100 eggs. But of course I never got to see one after they hatched. Until this trip! There were 140 baby turtles and every couple could get a baby and release it. It was seriously such an awesome experience!

We also went to see Tellum, the only Mayan Ruins that are near a beach. It was really neat to see. After that we went on a zip line, rappelling, and snorkeling in an underground cave, a very fun day, until we got back to the resort and got ready for dinner.

That is me WAYY up there!! 

Before we went into the cave
 The whole trip Allen called our trip Honeymoon 2: The Sequel ; For those of you that don't know, we went to Cabo, Mexico for our honeymoon, and Allen got food poisoning 4 days into it. So the joke of the trip was it could be "honeymoon 2: The Sequel" but not a repeat.
Go big or go home right? Well....more on that later...
Allen never has dinner Wednesday night after we got back from our excursion because he was sick. He never left the room all day Thursday because he was sick. I tried to get him to eat something, I think all he managed to eat were two rolls and a mini bite of a non seasoned-baked chicken breast. By 7:20 Thursday night Allen had made that decision that he felt like it was time to pay the $130 for the resort doctor to come and check him out because he has been sick for 24 hours at this point and wasn't getting any better. I will save you all the details of his illness, but lets just say it wasn't pretty.
May I add in the side note here that I do NOT handle stress well. I was a complete mess extremely stressed out and crying uncontrollably.
The doctor comes to check him out and does his exam and tell us that he thinks we need to "discard his appendix" (Insert more uncontrollable tears here) We were 99% sure that it was not appendicitis since Allen had not once vomited, so we convinced the doctor to give Allen two shots and if he wasn't feeling better in about two hours we were supposed to call him and go to the hospital for Xrays and blood work.
The doctor left the room and I left soon after to go try to get us a flight home. We wanted Allen to be home if anything was getting "discarded" from his body.
Trying to switch flights was a whole 'nother set of uncontrollable tears because while they weren't being mean to me, they wanted to charge us over $1000 just to change flights to leave ONE day early. I told the lady as nice as I could, thank you for your help but I would be purchasing new tickets instead of transferring as I could buy two brand new tickets for $700.
By the time I get the flight booked, a cab set up to pick us up, and my in-laws in line to pick us up in Atlanta (we decided the less time in the air was better even if it meant a three hour car ride home) it was around 11:15 and I still had to pack my stuff and Allen's stuff, our flight was leaving at 7:15am and the cab would be at the hotel at 5am.
I finally laid down around 12:45 or so, had a wake up call set for 3:30am and slept terrible, for the few hours I did sleep.
I had several break downs after I woke up because I was just so nervous and anxious, I didn't know what was wrong with Allen, I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to sit up and make it on a 2 and a half hour plane ride, it was just all too much for me and not enough sleep.
But sometimes I think God sends me signs to calm my anxious heart because He knows I am too stressed, too anxious, too whatever to sit and be still and listen for Him. But yet He knows I so desperately need Him at that moment. As long as I have my eyes and heart open enough to see it, I know that He is there and that morning He was there.
Backing up to when we first got to the resort, there was this sweet little animal that they called a Mexican Raccoon, it had the coloring of a raccoon but a long nose like an anteater. They were all over the resort and they were so cute! We only saw them the first couple of days and then we hadn't seen them since, except the morning Allen and I left.
We walked out of our door and down the hall and bit and I saw something out of the corner of my eye and when I looked again it was the raccoon. In the hallway of the resort! It saw us and turned and ran the direction we were walking and it stopped about half way down the hall and turned and looked back at us, almost as if it was waiting on us saying "Come on! This way!!" 
This was taken when we saw him the first time but this little guy was all I needed 

It was all I needed that morning, I instantly felt everything lifted from my body. Thank you Lord Jesus for the little things!!
We got in the cab, and on that plane and Allen made it fine. He started feeling bad when we landed in Atlanta but it was OK because we were in America and almost home!

Allen is fine now, and Needless to say I think this Jones family is done with Mexico for a while! We will stick with the States for a vacations for a while!
Not to mention we missed our little man!!! :)