February 18, 2011


I was out and about last Friday in town with Noah. We had some errands to do before the weekend, one of which included us going to Office Depot to order some business cards. We park in the parking lot, I go around the car to get his stroller out of the back and load his car seat into the stroller and proceed into the store. This is when I hear " I love your jacket!"  I turn because you don't often hear a male voice yelling compliments about someone's apparel in the parking lot and discover the voice is talking to me. I smile and say thank you (to be nice), and then he proceeds to yell something about me being beautiful. I again smile and walk into the store.

Now you are probably thinking one of two things...1) "Wow that must have made you feel good!" or 2) "Really?? While you were pushing your child in a stroller???"

How did it make me feel? You ask....Well I have to say, I was among those thinking "Really?? With my son in a stroller you yell at me across a parking lot???"  
First off, lets start with the obvious. I understand that there are a lot of single moms out there, so me pushing the stroller is not necessarily a give away that I am married, but come on guys, if you want to give a lady a compliment, how about NOT screaming across the parking lot of an office supply store.
But this is the kicker! This guy, was A) not attractive, B) a smoker, and C) yelling at me from the passenger's side of his friend's MINI VAN....And not even yelling at me from his own window mind you, he has his friend roll down the driver's side window so he could yell over him.
Now lets take a stroll back to 1999 when TLC put it the best

"I don't want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
Hanging out the passenger side
Of his best friend's ride
Trying to holler at me"

ahmmm... I rest my case, Thank you TLC.

I did however call Allen to tell him about my experience and he responded with "Oh yeah!"
My response... "That's right! Your wife's still got it!" ha ha ha :)

February 9, 2011

Love and let go

Live and Let go, Love and let go(<<~~ That was actually a mistype but I liked it once I re-read it) I am not going into details, because it is too deep and there is just no need but I need to learn to let go. I hold on to things a little too tight and a little too long. It is time to set it free. I would have a lot less stress, it almost makes me wonder if I can let it go because then what would I worry about. As I type this I am literally tearing up, it is too much to hold on to anymore. I have tried before but this time I am really really going to try and be done with it. Little man needs me 100% and if my mind is on other things, I may miss something really great in his life. So I am D-O-N-E. I am not going to worry anymore, I am leaving it with the Lord, he will take it from me,
 "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand." Philippians 4:6-7
I am going to focus on making Noah's life all that it can be and all that mine wasn't. That way I hopefully won't look back and think "look at all that time I wasted in his life". And when he is older, I want him to remember me as the fun loving mom that I want to be, not the worrisome person that I loathe.
I am going to focus also on my relationship with this awesome, understanding, caring, funny man God has put in my life. I truly believe that he was made for me. He is everything I need in a spouse and couldn't have hand picked someone better.
And first and foremost I am going to focus on my relationship with God, I wouldn't say that I was brought up in church. There are those that were in church the first week of their lives and pretty much were there every time the doors were open...that was not me. We went to church sometimes but it was definitely not an every week thing and for the most part not even an every month or year thing. I was saved in 7th grade and got baptized when I was 22, 5 months after Allen and I got married. God placed a lot of special people in my life to teach me about him and ultimately bring me closer to him. I love that about God!
We are striving to make our home a Godly home and for Noah to grow up more like Allen did, involved in church and knowing He is The One. We have found a church home and we are really happy there. I am so excited because as horrible as this makes us sound, there are no more discussions on Saturday nights about whether we are going to church or not, we just both know we are going. And the best part is, we want to.
I love where my life is going. It doesn't matter where I came from, it matters where I go. And right now I really love where I am headed.

One of the first Pictures taken of us. 7 years ago!!

I love him!

February 8, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger..

I am sorry friends, I have not been a very good blogger lady lately. I will try harder.
I guess the main reason for my non-blogginess is there is not much going on in our little lives right now. and I try to spare you from the mundane details of a household with a 6 month old... That's right Noah turned 6 months last week! Oh how that makes me sad!
He is getting so big and doing so many fun things. Allen is getting excited, Noah is coming into his territory now. I read an interesting fact about our little man (and other babies of his age). So here is your fun baby fact of the day, Currently and all the months prior, Noah has been unaware that Allen and I even EXIST when we are not with him! In his little mind, when he can't see us, we just disappear into the air! It is normally around 7-8 months that he realizes that we do in fact still live after we leave the room and that in turn means we are doing something with out him. Hence the beginning of separation anxiety. Crazy how their little minds work huh?
On to more pressing matters, Does anyone else watch Investigative Discovery?? Oh my word! I watch this a little too much, so much so in fact that Allen started making fun of me so I have tried to pull away from the channel a bit. But I am intrigued by all of these stories! However now I am so paranoid about..well everything. Example: My mom is dating a new guy, probably a very nice guy, I mean I met him, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But that is just how all the stories on ID start! So now I feel like it is my daughterly duty to check on my mom about every 5.4 seconds to make sure this new guys hasn't killed her and put her in a trash can (<~~ an actual story in ID) I know that sounds A) very judgmental of the her new beau, and trust me it is nothing personal, it is just my brain working in overtime B) like I am making fun of someone's horrible tragedy, and please believe me when I tell you I am not! I am fully aware that all of these stories are real life accounts and somewhere out there, there is a family suffering, which is why I am all the more paranoid, because if it can happen to these people, it can happen to anyone. Bottom line is I need to stop watching that channel. But it just drags me in! I mean daytime TV is, lets face it, crap! But there is always something on that channel to watch! You want to know the sad part?? I am almost embarrassed to say this, I have watched it so much that I a lot of the shows on there are re-runs to me so soon I will have to find new forms of entertain while Noah is napping :)