December 5, 2010

Where's my chair??

Well for the second time in two months I found myself on the floor of an establishment that patrons are not generally on the floor of... Yep that's right Mrs. Graceful was back in full swing today!  This time however I was not doing anything physical, I, on the contrary, was about to stuff my face full of a Blue Coast Burrito (YUM!!) All I was trying to do was take the blanket off Noah, he is a hot natured little guy and his cheeks were as rosy as Santa's on Christmas Eve. So I reached across the table to grab his blanket (First mistake)but in order for me to reach him I had to remove my toosh from the seat (Second mistake). So I stood up I grabbed his blanket and like most people, assumed that my chair was still in the place it was when I left it (third and WORST mistake) I immediately sat back down. But instead of my toosh resting nicely back in the chair it had been in only moments before, it SLAMMED into the hard, concrete floor. It took me a moment to process what happened (and I am not going to lie, it hurt!! The pain shot all the way up my spine and my tailbone still hurts a little now) but I quickly realized I was on the floor. I was at a table with four of our friends and Allen , so many were a witness to this casualty AND lets not forget how friggin crowded it was in Blue Coast at lunch today, so even more strangers got to see me on the floor.
I am not sure what happened to me after I had Noah, but I am obviously not as coordinated as I once was. Lucky for me I am getting good at playing off falling on the floor so if you need any tips, feel free to ask!!

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