December 3, 2010

A new me

I did something yesterday I thought I would never do... I signed up to be a independent consultant! I am a shy person and just didn't think I would ever want to have to be in front of a large group of women (because let's face it, what man is going to go to ANY kind of sales party??) trying to promote a product! I am still unsure if I really WANT to be in front of people, but I am excited at the possibility of meeting new people and doing something very much out of my comfort zone. I am now officially an independent consultant for Scentsy. I am really very excited about it! I had never really heard of this Co. until right after Noah was born. I love the fact that there is no flame on the candles so it is way more safe for little ones! Also the wax does not get hotter than a paraffin wax so it is not going to produce any burns should any little fingers touch it!
This is such a cool opportunity for me and I am excited to get started. I should have my consultant kit next week and then I get to really start things with MY business. It is funny to think that this is my business but it is, I can work as little or as much as I want, and get commission checks! This will be awesome for our family since I am not in the work field anymore and lets face it, any extra money is good!
Feel free to check out my website Have any questions, would like to purchase, or host a party? Just let me know!! Thanks for your support and as always... Thanks for reading my randomness! XXXOOO

 Daddy and Noah hanging out in his Jungle mat :)

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