July 23, 2011


It is so funny to me how your out look on life changes as you get older. The first time this really hit me was when my grandmother passed away in 2006 and we went down to Florida for her funeral. I had not been to her house in years before this and as soon as I walked in I just remember thinking "Wow, nothing in here has changed, yet everything seemed so different" I remember when I was little everything looked so big, now at 21 the ceiling in the kitchen was just an arm raise away. And now that I am an adult, having conversations about the past with my parents, it is almost comical to hear stories from an adult's prospective compared to what I remember happening as a child.
I sort of feel like a child today as I have been sitting at the house all day with Noah, because Allen has been working and since we have no where to go, I am bored. I remember when I was little I would always tell my parents "I'm bored" and they would tell me to go outside, go play with your barbies, go call ___ and see what they were doing today, etc just basically go do something to stop whining and entertain myself. I always thought "Wow, I want to be a grown up because they never get bored and they can go wherever they want"  but I am an adult now and can go wherever I want and today I am bored!
Allen is home now, but he is "resting" by playing a video game, the dog is snoring beside me and Noah is taking a nap. I know, I know,  should be basking in the quiet and soaking it all in, and normally I do, but for some reason today I just want to DO something. I have had an itch to "craft" lately but not sure what direction I want to take that in. I do love to scrapbook but that is not the crafting I have been wanting to do. I don't know what it is though. I almost feel like I want to try something new.. sewing maybe...that would require lessons and lead to me needing to purchase a machine... I think I wish I could find something that I could make and sell. As I have blogged before I have fallen in love with Etsy and I wish I had something I could sell on there! I would love to actually get orders and make something for people to buy. Maybe I will start searching for that "something" :) Don't worry you will be one of the first to know if I find it!

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