July 21, 2011

I'm Back!!

Oh my! I am soo excited to be back on here! Life with an 11 1/2 month old is a little crazy! :) We were having some wireless trouble and I can't really blog much while the man is awake, and if wireless is down, so is the laptop. Long boring story, anyways! Yes, Noah is 11 1/2 months! I am sad and so excited at the same time! He is growing up right before our eyes and I feel like I have missed it all because it has all happened so fast!

We (as in me with a lot of help from friends and mother in law) are planning Noah's first birthday party and I am sooo excited about it! We are doing Vintage Cowboy theme! :) How cute, right?!? I will try to post pictures as soon as possible! His invitations are so freaking cute, I wish I had other uses for them! I found them on Etsy. I will say, Etsy used to be a site I would cringe at the thought of even typing the name in my browser because there is so much stuff on there it overwhelms me to look through it, but if you are looking for something in particular, oh my goodness, they have the cutest things on there! I also ordered Noah his birthday T-Shirt from Etsy as well. It has a Vintage Cowboy on it of course :) Hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow, can not wait to see it on him!

As for the little man himself, well he is a full blown crawler now, he waited until two days before his 9 month dr appt (which had been rescheduled due to vacation and was actually only about a week from him turning 10 months) to start. We were so excited!  He loves to be "chased" even though sometime he doesnt always "run" from you, he just sits there and laughs. And now that little guy is in to everything!! And he does not appreciate being told "no." He has a bit of a temper, so I am guessing we are really going to have our hands full in the next year or so. He is so close to walking now too! He stands all by himself but is just too scared to take a step :) He has 9 teeth now! He really is like looking at a little toddler with all of those teeth smiling back at you!

 So much has changed, and I plan to do better with my blog, I always have good ideas for my posts but when I have time to type the laundry and dust are yelling too loud for me to type.
I will do better. I promise! Be patient with me friends! :)

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