February 8, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger..

I am sorry friends, I have not been a very good blogger lady lately. I will try harder.
I guess the main reason for my non-blogginess is there is not much going on in our little lives right now. and I try to spare you from the mundane details of a household with a 6 month old... That's right Noah turned 6 months last week! Oh how that makes me sad!
He is getting so big and doing so many fun things. Allen is getting excited, Noah is coming into his territory now. I read an interesting fact about our little man (and other babies of his age). So here is your fun baby fact of the day, Currently and all the months prior, Noah has been unaware that Allen and I even EXIST when we are not with him! In his little mind, when he can't see us, we just disappear into the air! It is normally around 7-8 months that he realizes that we do in fact still live after we leave the room and that in turn means we are doing something with out him. Hence the beginning of separation anxiety. Crazy how their little minds work huh?
On to more pressing matters, Does anyone else watch Investigative Discovery?? Oh my word! I watch this a little too much, so much so in fact that Allen started making fun of me so I have tried to pull away from the channel a bit. But I am intrigued by all of these stories! However now I am so paranoid about..well everything. Example: My mom is dating a new guy, probably a very nice guy, I mean I met him, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But that is just how all the stories on ID start! So now I feel like it is my daughterly duty to check on my mom about every 5.4 seconds to make sure this new guys hasn't killed her and put her in a trash can (<~~ an actual story in ID) I know that sounds A) very judgmental of the her new beau, and trust me it is nothing personal, it is just my brain working in overtime B) like I am making fun of someone's horrible tragedy, and please believe me when I tell you I am not! I am fully aware that all of these stories are real life accounts and somewhere out there, there is a family suffering, which is why I am all the more paranoid, because if it can happen to these people, it can happen to anyone. Bottom line is I need to stop watching that channel. But it just drags me in! I mean daytime TV is, lets face it, crap! But there is always something on that channel to watch! You want to know the sad part?? I am almost embarrassed to say this, I have watched it so much that I a lot of the shows on there are re-runs to me so soon I will have to find new forms of entertain while Noah is napping :)

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