January 27, 2011


Oh my goodness! Can I tell you how sad I am about this..Allen and I got married in September 2007. Once we got home from our honeymoon and things settled into a routine, I sent my passport in for my free name change. My new passport was issued in January of 2008. Fastfoward four months... We got Murray May 2008...Do you see where this is going?? Murray being the precious little puppy that he was

It hurts me too see him this little! I wish he could have stayed like this

I love this picture! :)
seriously...cutest puppy ever!! I'm not biased or anything though...

of course found my new passport and chewed it. He had a ton of toys but he chewed my passport! And not only did he chew it, he chewed it right through the corner where all the numbers start, SO I have to get a new one.

We are tossing around the idea of going on a vacation later this year and so I need to get my information submitted for a new one, I just looked it up online and it is going to cost $110!! Oh my!
This first of many expensive replacements I am going to have to face in my life... Oh the Joys!

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  1. LOL- I love the picture of Murray with his butt and hindlegs sticking out of the couch cushions.
    Where are ya'll thinking of going this year? $110 is crazy at least it will last you for 15 years...if you can keep Murray away ;)