March 31, 2011

Officially a mom

It has happened... I officially become a true mom on Monday night.  **Fair warning, this may gross you out***
Allen and I put Noah to bed about 10 Monday night, I went to bed around 11. At 11:45 Allen came in our bedrooom, woke me up and said that I needed to come check on Noah with him because he was soaking wet and crying. He thought he had MEGA leaked out of his diaper and needed help changing sheets, etc. When we get back into Noah's room though, Allen turns on his lights and notice it was not pee at all, it was spit up. Being that I had been awake all of 1 minute, I thought nothing of my soaking wet child and proceeded to strip him and his bed down. While I was doing that Allen cleaned off Noah. This stuff was EVERY where! In his nose, ears, hair, stuck in his neck roll, seriously everywhere.We put him back down, he went back to sleep immediately.

As I walked back to our bedroom, I thought, that was a lot more than spit up... I laid back down only to hear Noah screaming again about 5 minutes later. I gave Allen a minute to go in there to see if he just needed his Paci re-inserted, but Noah would not calm down. His cries only got louder and angrier. I get up from bed and Allen asks if maybe he is hungry since he spit up so much. I told him I really didn't know and picked Noah up to calm him. As soon as I had him in a vertical position, he exploded on me. For the first time since he was born, Noah had projectile vomit. It was not pretty. I put him on my clean shoulder, only for him to do it again. I am now completely soaking wet in baby throw up.I handed Noah to Allen and told him to go stand in the tub with him while I change. I figured if it was going to be projectile at least it would be easier to clean up in the tub. I go change, strip Noah down for the second time, and then go sit with him in our rocker. We knew he officially had a stomach virus. Not good....
Allen went and got towels and we wrapped our little man in a towel and had others to catch what we knew would be coming up. For the next 2 hours he would sleep about 10-20 minutes, wake up, immediately start crying and then the vomiting would continue. The worst I think was when he started to dry heave. It really broke out hearts! Allen went to bed about an hour into it, so it was just me and little man left to tough it out.
About 1:30 was the last time he got sick. I propped him up in the chair so I could get some water and decided to leave him there as I sat on the couch next to him since when he was sitting with me every-time I moved he woke up. He slept there until about 4, then I moved him to his bed since I felt like we were over the vomiting stage.
Tuesday he woke up with the other end of a stomach virus. This lasted most of the morning. I began to worry as the day went on because he of course was barely eating and I knew I hadn't changed a wet diaper all day. I Googled signs of Dehydration in infants and it said no wet diapers in 6 hours and excessive sleep/lethargic. Check and Check... I called the doctor. The nurse was very worried that he hadn't had a wet diaper and told me if he didn't have one in the next hour he would have to go to the ER. The thought made me tear up, while I was on the phone with her, however, THANK YOU JESUS, he wet his diaper! No ER!!
We pushed a lot of Pedialyte through him and he is definitely getting back to himself. He is still not eating as well as he normally does, but we can tell he is getting stronger every day.
I figure overall we have done really well, he is 8 months old and this is the first time he has been sick, it broke my heart not being able to fix it for him.
But I know this was the first of many times I will hurt because he is hurting and can't fit it. I love that baby!!

Daddy put him in his laundry basket. He is standing all by himself!

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  1. Poor Noah and poor Mommy! We have not had that "joy" enter our lives just yet. I am glad he is getting back to his sweet self!