August 4, 2011

"25 Random Facts" from 2009

I was recently looking through my facebook profile and came across a "note" that I posted January 25, 2009. It was kind of fun to read through what I had written, so I thought I would share.

I would not change much of what I wrote except of course something about Little Man would be on there :)

What would be your 25 Random Facts? :)

25 Random Facts about Me

by Alicia Jones on Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 10:26am
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1.I am amazed that God has given me such a wonderful husband everyday

2.I absolutely ADORE his ENTIRE family!!!

3.I miss the fact that I never really knew either of my grandfathers

4. I love my dog and think he might be the cutest dog in the world

5. I LOVED our wedding but would truly like to do it again! :)

6. I love to travel and cant wait to see more of God's beautiful earth

7. No matter where the destination I HATE to pack!!!!

8. I did not vote for our president, but I know that God is in Control.

9. I can't wait to me a mom!!!

10. I am going back to school after a five year "break".

11. I love shopping but am always worried about the price tag.

12. I hate Chinese food but LOVE Japanese food! :) Fried Rice, YUMMY!!!

13. I miss my best Friend

14. I think it truly is a small world after all

15. I have an addiction to Chapstick, literally it is EVERYWHERE!!

16. I am still afraid of the dark.

17. I have to have something/someone sleep with me (dog, person, if all else fails my blanket will do)

18. I can NOT kill anything that has a stinger, i feel like they will retaliate

19. I play video games w/ my husband

20. I am terrible cook :(

21. I have wonderful friends and am so thankful for that

22. My family verges on the side of dysfunctional

23. I love hanging out with w/ my in-laws

24. I think my brother is a pretty cool dude.

25. I love the way my life has panned out!

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