November 11, 2010

My Doctor's visit

First I will take a moment to thank all the veterans for their services to this country.

So yesterday I had to go to my annual "Well Woman" exam. I don't think there is a single woman in the world that enjoys this visit but it must be done for your health. That is definitely a visit I don't think anyone should miss. I mean think about it, the insurance companies, who don't pay for anything and seem to find a reason to not cover about half of the things in the medical world, cover these visits 100%, this should be proof enough on how important these are.  OK I will step down from my soap box...
Anyways, after sitting in the waiting room for about half an hour I finally get called back (don't worry all, I am not going into details of my appt.) So I go back get weighed, (uugghh, I think dr's should give new moms a pass on getting weighed for at least 9 months, I mean come on!!) get my blood pressure taken and then the nurse starts going over the information sheet that she has to fill out for the Dr. So she asks the typical questions and then she gets to "Are you sexually active?" Now granted she did pretty much answer the question herself but she gave me a half glance I guess to make sure something hadn't changed in my life. But since she looked at me I had to answer her question. I'm thinking "OK, I have been married for 3 and half years, I just had a baby three months ago so OBVIOUSLY", but I didn't I just shook my head. Even as I was shaking my head though the 15 year old girl inside me was screaming (in your best valley girl/whiny voice you can think of) "OMG!!! NOOO-AAA!!!Who does she think I am?!? Some kind of trashy floozy!"
Again, I am about to be 26 years old and am a married woman and still the little girl inside me comes out when the words "sexually active" come into play! I wish there was a less invasive way to ask that question. I mean come on people, we are in 2010. I guess it is mainly because I am a very modest person and do not enjoy that topic of conversation with others but still, our feelings should be considered too!!
 But my visit is over, all is well and I got through my unwarranted embarrassing moment for the day.

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