November 3, 2010

My Fears

I thought I would share with you a few of my fears in life... I can honestly say I don't know where this urge to divulge this information really came from but here it is...

OK, so I will be 26 years old in two months and I am still scared of the dark. I am also very frightened of being alone at night. Something about the sun being down and the possibility of all of those creepo boogy men out there...oh man it really creeps me out!!

I also am very afraid of being somewhere I am not familiar with and having to use the bathroom (Just number one...don't get gross on me here) and once I am ready to flush, the toilet be broken.

I currently, thanks to all of the daytime TV I now watch, am scared of getting bed bugs!

I am deathly afraid of any type of bug that stings! I can barely even kill them because I feel like they are going to send their fellow bug friends to come after me.

From going to a safety class when I used to work at the bank, I am scared of being out in town in broad daylight by myself.. Thanks M'boro Police Dept.

I worry about running out of gas, I really do get on the verge of having a panic attack once that yellow gas tank starts to flash at me.

I am scared of gaining an excess amount of weight. However when Allen and I were dating, he told me that he would love me even if I got as big as a house... I wonder if he remembers that statement....

The sad part of all of this is most of these fears come from the TV and stories I have heard...I guess the moral of this would be, Don't tell me your crazy stories that have a fearful ending and I should stop watching TV. But seeing as how I don't see that happening anytime soon, I guess I will have to live with these fears and hope all of my wonderful friends will support me in my madness.

So after my "tub" post, the next time I gave him a bath I had the camera ready! And I made sure no compromising photos were taken. He is just so stinking cute! Even when he is not smiling!

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