November 26, 2010

My, My how life has changed...

Exactly one year, 50 lbs gained, 30 lbs lost, 20 lbs to go, one small section of stretch marks, and a baby later, I am loving my life.
We found out a year ago today that we were expecting! It was such an exciting day, it was the first year that I got up early to go shopping for the infamous Black Friday deals. (I say getting up, when in Black Friday terms that would mean leaving at like 3 AM, I think I got up at like 7...amateur, I know, but we got all the things we were looking for AND I got to sleep in four extra hours AND didn't have to fight the crazies so HAH!) I got up before my alarm because I had planned to take the test that morning, test taken and waiting anxiously for the results I tried to get ready for the day... minutes pass and the test reads "YES" (I got the digital one, no screwing around with lines and plus signs for me!) I literally jump up and down in the bathroom. Allen is still asleep because he is not going with us this early, he will join us later in the morning. So I go shopping with Allen's parents, sister, and cousin for the majority of the day, we stop and get some lunch/breakfast (I really can't remember even what time it was at this point, and yes I know there is a term for lunch/breakfast but I am not a fan of using Brunch in my daily language... it sounds so "proper" and very much NOT me. Also for those of you that know me, I do not eat breakfast after about 11 or 11:30 in the morning so this term does not apply to me) Then we go home, this is the first time all day Allen and I have been alone. I am sooo excited to tell him our wonderful news. I had prepared for this day and had already bought him a book called I Love My Daddy to give to him. So I casually say, I bought something for you! And he is thinking that I bought something for him while we were out shopping earlier, I hand him the book and he stares at it...No reaction...No words....No nothing. (NOT what I was expecting) and he finally says..."Thank you..." He is so confused... Finally I have to tell him that I took a test that morning and it was positive. His face lights up and he gives me a hug, and then he realizes what the book was suppose to mean... He asked why I hadn't told him earlier in the day, and I told him because I wanted to give him the book to tell him. He was slightly confused but very excited and it was so cool that we had this precious little secret that no one else knew, just the two of us for a little while!
Moral of the story... The way you plan things in your head when trying to surprise a man, is generally NOT how it will play out in real life...

(I will post some pics later, we are off to eat some NON turkey dinner!) <3

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