October 31, 2010

10 Things I have learned...

Tuesday Noah will be three months old! How crazy that three months ago today I was waiting in anticipation of this little life that we would finally get to meet in two more days!  In my mere three months of being a first time mom/stay at home mom I have learned a few things about these little babies...

1) If you put new/clean clothes on them, they will spit up, drool, poo, or pee on the new item of clothing,         especially if you are going somewhere and/or excited to show off their cute outfit. They sense that it is clean and will have nothing to do with it.

2) Just when you think they are asleep, and you think you can FINALLY get something done that you have been putting off, those little eyes shoot open like someone just screamed in their ear.

3) Anytime you say "they have been so good all day" or "he never _______" they will immediately do the opposite, just to prove you wrong.

4) Just because you are home all day, does not mean that your house is going to be immaculate. It is actually quite the opposite. Your house is now nastier than it had been before the difference is you just get to sit and look at it all day.

5) The dog, if you have one, will indeed be jealous of the baby. Even if you have the most well mannered dog in the world, it will still be jealous.

6) As soon as you hand the baby to someone else, they will begin pooting/pooping.  And the other person will crinkle their nose and try to find a cute way to tell you what your child is now doing in their lap and hand them back.

7) If your baby has been laughing and smiling all day, the second you pull out your camera, something in their life has just gone terribly wrong and they will begin to cry

8) Someone always has something to say about your baby. Be it good or bad, strangers always feel the need to express their opinion of your child.

9) You will suddenly begin to talk for your baby. Or should I say through your baby. When someone gives the baby something you say as you hold your baby "Say Thank you" or if someone asks you a question regarding the baby such as "how are they sleeping?"  you say  "Say we are sleeping pretty good". Why? I can't  explain it, but it happens.

10) Nothing will make you happier than to see that sweet baby smile at your silly songs and silly voices...well except listening to him talk to his elephant friend.

  This is obviously not Noah but I just love Murray's speckledy feet!  :)


  1. This is so funny Alicia, I did not realize you are quite the writer :) Also, that picture of Noah and Doc is PRECIOUS! (Stella has speckledy feet too!)

  2. So precious! Love those full lips! :)