October 18, 2010

How I Impressed my husband

This event was actually probably a few weeks ago but it really does make Allen laugh when he thinks about it. Let me give a little back story on this... I am the youngest in my family and since there are only two of brother and I, obviously I am the only girl. While I feel as though (Carie J. that is for you ha ha...good ole Guy W.) my brother probably did watch WWF Wrestling because I think I became his practice dummy for the moves he saw on a daily basis, I did not watch the show and did not become familiar with the "characters".  Well Allen on the other hand, along with a large group of our friends, was a HUGE fan of the show. I am talking shirts, action figures, paying for it on Pay Per View... the whole nine yards! So being the fine members of society that we are, over the summer when there is nothing on TV, instead of enjoying the weather and going on a bike ride or a nice stroll around the neighborhood we sat on the couch and watched Monday Night Raw. (Lord knows, I would probably be fighting less with this awful baby weight had we been walking but I digress.)

Since we were watching this terrible excuse for entertainment, one will start to learn the characters and themes of the show. Sadly there are a lot of people that are still on this show that were on it when Allen was watching. So he would try to catch me up on their back grounds.. Well John Cena is the big star right now and there is some group called Nexis. For dramatic effect, they had week after week of previews about John Cena having to join the Nexis group if he could not beat them. Apparently this is a big thing? So we missed the week of the big fight and I casually asked Allen "I wonder if John Cena is going to have to join the Nexis?" We had some friends over that night and I thought both boys were going to fall of the couch. They both started laughing at me and said "What did you just say?!?" So I proceeded to repeat myself. I never thought I would see so much pride come from Allen's face! It is the little things for the boys that make them proud... Learn a football term or two and then use it correctly in a sentence...Watch in amazement at their reaction!

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