October 29, 2010

My Ode to our Mailman

Do you remember how when we were little we used to LOVE getting mail? I wish that were true still today... Now I go to the mailbox begrudgingly (<~~Thank you Lord Jesus for spell Check...or rather thank you Lord Jesus for creating the man (or woman) that created spell check), open it with hesitation and pray that the number of bills inside the box don't make me pass out in the road. I also on a daily basis hope secretly that there will be a large check or even better cash awaiting for me in there! Very rarely this is the case but when its there, Oh boy!

I think my hatred of the mail has also come from our jerk of a mailman. For those of you in my neighborhood, you will concur. (<~~I am putting this spell check to WORK today!!)  He is probably the biggest jerk that I have never met in my life! I get it, you work for the post office but you deliver in the county so you aren't special enough to drive a "real" mail truck so you bust out your 1985 Oldsmobile for delivering our mail, but there is no need to be bitter about your job. I am not MAKING you stay there, so please sir deliver my mail with a smile! And if not with a smile then just freaking deliver my mail EVERYDAY!

Our mailman has a personal vendetta against our neighborhood, and the only reason I can come up with is because it has caused him a great deal of more mail to be delivered on a daily basis since we are a new neighborhood. So he picks and chooses when and to whom he will deliver to. If you have mail and he doesn't feel like coming down your road...well then you won't have any mail today. Which is fine because it would save me from my daily panic of opening the mailbox, but the thing is I still have to go check my mail because I don't know that our house was on the "Don't Deliver route" today, So all I am asking is if he insists on being so rude as to not DO HIS JOB and deliver my mail on a daily basis then please just figure out a way to warn me so I don't waste my time walking to the mailbox and getting all worked up for an empty box... Thank you.

Sorry no Noah photo today :(  Stupid desk top computer which hoards all my precious photos has the blue screen of death.


  1. hahahahaha! Well I know some mail person that is not getting a gift this homemade cookies for him. It is funny that you reminded me about real mail trucks. We do not have them in the boonies and I had forgotten they exist. Our mail lady is so nice and comes to the door once a week to see Gray. We love her!

    On spell check- I have been spelling Greene (as in the high school I work with) so long that I spell the color green that way by accident. So I too am very thankful for spell check. Hehe

  2. Oh! and MORE PICTURES OF THAT BABY!!! I was hoping to come to MTSU alumni band day in a few weeks and was going to see if you all were available. That way I could meet your little man! But it is not going to work out now. :(

  3. Finally...I can comment..altho I dont know how to stop it from sayin anonymous lol.No offense taken my love, I KNOW, I did my job to the best of my abilities. I also know we have ALOT of jerks at the Post Office that will continually screw around and are only there for a pay check. Document, document. Time and dates. Then GO to the post office with your list. If you just call in 99.99 percent of the time its done nothing about. Your carrier is REQUIRED to go his complete line of travel EVERYDAY. Unless a road is blocked for some reason, then he should try to get back to that road before he returns to Post office if feasible. He is also required to deliver EVERY pieceof mail he recieves that day and must show to supervisor what he brings back and why it wasnt delivered. Sounds like you have a real winner there. The moral at some Post Offices have hit rock bottom because of management but that doesnt mean they shouldnt still take care of their customers. That was the best part of my job, the interaction with the customers.
    Dont keep letting it go honey. Let them know whats up. Its the same as stealing to me.Do what your being paid to do!!
    Ill get off my soap box now ha... Love you!