January 7, 2011

2 bugs and a baby

So Tuesday night I slept HORRIBLE! I don't know why but I could not stay asleep! Noah woke up at 2:30 (which is not normal for him as he sleeps all night normally) and I stayed up with him for 2 hours, which oddly I was completely Ok with since I was not sleepy. I went back to sleep and woke up at about 8:30 Wednesday Morning and felt a little "off" by two o'clock I knew why. I had the stomach bug!! Allen was able to come home early and take care of the little man and I stayed holed up in our bed room. Around 7:30 Allen came in our room to tell me that he was pretty sure he was coming down with the same thing and called his dad to come and get Noah for the night. We knew we did not have it in us to watch him while being that sick and we did NOT want him to be that exposed to this nasty virus. Wednesday was a VERY long night in the Jones' household. uggghhh... On the bright side, in my baby weight battle, I am 4 pounds down...but can I just say SO NOT WORTH IT!!  uuuggghh again!
We were both "over" it by Thursday but so tired, we both slept most of the day. Allen's dad brought us some soup for dinner, which was the first thing I had eaten in 30 hours. (A VERY long time in this girl's life! I normally go like 3 or 4 hours and am already wondering what we are eating for the next meal, hence the battle of the baby weight) My in-law's kept Noah a second night and we recovered. This morning Allen woke up and went to pick up our sweet baby boy while I stayed at home and disinfected our house. It smelled much like a hospital but hey, at least it is clean.
A day and 1/2 away from that baby was TOO long! Oh my goodness, I would call to check on him and hear him squeal in the background and it would break my heart. I was so thankful that they were able to watch him, he was safe, and happy, but oh my his Mommy and Daddy missed him!! So all is well in our household, now.  I am glad that we both got that stuff at the same time and fingers-crossed, many prayers so far answered, Noah has not gotten it, but that stuff is not nice!
But now it is Friday, the start to my birthday weekend!! What is on the far nothing :) LOL we haven't been much in the planning mood so we will see what pans out but at least I know it will be spent with my boys!
 Not really sure why I was looking at this album, but this is Allen and I on our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico...over 3 years ago! Wow how time has flown!!

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  1. Ugh...Artie and I got one last March. It is terrible. We stayed on separate floors of the house so we didn't have to hear each other. I am glad you both are feeling better and little man did not get it!