January 27, 2011


So I know there are "Age ranges" on toys, and I get why, but for stuffed animals, that have absolutely no hard parts on them (including thier eyes, noses, etc) I dont get the "age range" and to be honest I dont really care to. I mean how I see it is if it is a toy and it makes my 6 month old son happy, even if just for a moment, and I know he can't hurt himself. I am going to let him play with it. I mean there are toys that are in the "birth and up" range and they are HARD plastic. With Noah, anything in his hand translates into a "hammer" of sorts because he immediatly starts slamming it down. Slamming the object down, I have no problem with, it is when he comes back up sometimes he has so much momentum going that he ends up hitting himself in the head with it. Now he is a strong kid, and rarley cries when he falls over or gets hit in the head by something but it just sounds like it hurts. So again I say, a stuffed animal with no plastic parts seems WAY less harmless to me than a hard plastic ring that he can slam into his little head.
Well for whatever reason, my little precious man is a little grouchy today. He doesn't want to be put down. Not even to change his diaper which I have said it before but let me reiterate that he LOVES to be naked so changing diapers are his favorite times of the day. I wish I felt the same way he does about his diaper changes but then again we are on different sides of the changing pad... So to be able to get a bottle ready and such I placed him in his swing, well in his swing he found his beloved stuffed frog. He grabbed it and started playing with it, but then he finds his favorite part of this toy...the tag... This I realize is not safe for him, but man does he love to chew (aka gum, since he has no teeth) on it. Am I just a horrible mother for allowing this?
I want to feel like I am not, but when the kid has 10 different teethers not to mention a TON of very "chewable" toys and he opts for the TAG on his frog... One has to wonder... I do check the tag and trust me that thing is sewed on and is not coming off, but I do feel bad that he likes to chew on tags on things. Just last night he was playing with a set of soft stacking blocks and the larger one has a tag and he immediately found it and put it in his mouth. You would think the tags have like flashing lights on them because he finds them with in seconds of handing him something with a tag on it.
And the saddest part is, is absolute favorite thing to put in his mouth is his paci clip! not the hard clip part obviously but the ribbon that holds it on,  it is always soaking wet from it being in his mouth.
Maybe I am telling all of this so when you see us out and about in town, you won't think "Good Lord, get that child a teether! He is eating the tag/paci clip"
So do not judge me when you see us, I have tried I really have. It makes him happy and if he is happy then the world is a happy place!
Plus you try telling this sweet little face "No"...

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  1. Dont feel bad..all babies like the tags...a lady at our church makes tag blankets. I have even seen them in the hospital gift shops. When he gets bigger he will prefer the boxes to the toys..nothing new.
    Now you know how "Tuffy" got her nickname. Nothing ever hurt her, she hardly ever cried! lol
    You are an awesome mommy and I love you!