January 23, 2011

Murray Driving

Oh my it has been so long! Not much going on in the ole' Jones Household these days! We are over the stomach bug and now I have a cold and it appears so does Noah. But nothing to write home about (or blog about extensively)
I do have to share the craziness between Allen and I, since we met we have been very sarcastic with one another and always teasing/pestering the other. That is just who we are. I love that I can act like a little kid around him and he does the same with me.
So pretty much everytime we come home from being out as we pull into the driveway one of us will ask the other "I wonder if Murray is home?" This of course is our dog, and really where is he going to go, but it is just a silly question we ask each other. So today as we pulled into the house I asked the question and Allen said matter of factly "Well, my truck is here, so he would have to be here" and I said "What?" Allen said "If he ever goes anywhere he takes my truck, and my truck is here so Murray has to be here" I am laughing because Allen is not smiling, he is talking as if we were talking about his brother or something. So I asked "Well why wouldnt he ever take my car?" Allen:  "Because he only goes places when we aren't here because he knows he is not allowed so he would have to take my truck"   me: "Where does he get the keys from?" Allen: "We have the spare set in the drawer..."
I swear to you, it was like he had had this conversation a million times before, he was so quick. It was really funny! Maybe not to those who do not know how we treat our dog but seriously!  Allen referred to Murray earlier today as "OB" and when I asked him what that meant he said "Original Baby" Poor guy, He is a little neglected since Noah came along, but he still gets tons of attention...

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