January 2, 2011

Christmas Randomness

A new It is hard to believe that it is already 2011. Allen's 10 Year reunion is this year! WOW! That makes me feel old and I am two years younger than he is! ha ha!

I am very excited about this year, we have so much to look forward to with all of the "firsts" for Noah! And we are getting more and more involved with our new church and our small group there so I am excited about all of the new friendships we are making/making stronger! We also have a few friends who are expecting babies this year which is exciting all in itself. And as dorky as it sounds I am really excited about my Scentsy business! It is such a new endeavor for me and I truly like the product, so I am excited to share it with everyone! Allen is actually going with me to Memphis in February for a Scentsy Convention and I am super excited about it! (again REALLY dorky.. I get it) This will be the first time we are leaving our little man overnight and just the thought makes me miss him so much it hurts, but I know it will be good for us and good for him too.

Noah, by the way, had an awesome Christmas! He got a lot of new toys and lots of new clothes. He did so good with all of the traveling too (and lack of his much needed naps). My sweet little man is 5 months old today and I will admit it, I had a little break down yesterday about how fast he is growing up. I want him to grow and be happy but I want him to stay my little cuddle bunny forever! Allen was sympathetic but he said "I am excited he is getting older, he is coming over to my side now!" Meaning, since Noah is getting older he will be able to play with Daddy, which is what Allen has been waiting for since he was born. My response to him was (in tears mind you) "Yeah, but he is leaving mine!!" I know, it is silly but what can I say, I love that baby and I want him to just stay little always :) Allen told me he would  go and shrink him for me but when he went to do it, Noah was asleep so he said he would do it later...It has yet to be done...

 Murray checking out what Santa left in his stocking for him :)

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  1. Oh so very sweet! He is getting so big. I am glad you had a great Christmas. I did not know you changed churches? I was just crying to Artie about how I was not ready for Gray to be growing up. It is going to fast for me!