March 3, 2011

I had good Intentions

I woke up today with so much on my mind. I needed to get the house de cluttered, dusted, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN our bathroom, wash and put away some laundry, and clean up the kitchen. What have I done today you ask?  I did unload and re load the dishwasher, semi attempt to wipe down the counter, picked up like 3 things on our bathroom counter, and washed a load and put away a load of laundry. That's all she wrote...
My body feels good, but my head has a lot of pressure in it (Thanks to my sweet Hubby who shared this head cold) and my eyes just want to shut. I am not tired at all, but my eyes don't appreciate being open today.
So I just took a hot shower and here I am...on the computer. I have thrown in the towel on cleaning today, because you know what? All my clutter, clothes, and durst (<~~I just made that word up by accident and I LOVE it!! Dirty Dust ha ha!) will be there waiting for me tomorrow, maybe with a little more added on top!

Yesterday my sweet little baby man turned 7 months old! In FIVE months he will officially not be considered an infant anymore! Oh my, 7 months of my life has never gone by so fast! If you are wanting time to fly by, have a baby because seriously, I can hardly believe still that this precious little boy is mine much less that he is 7 months old!
My BFF can attest to this, but in high school I always had the feeling deep inside that I would never be able to have kids and now I am on my way to having a 1 year old! Crazy how God has your life planned out!

Speaking of that, I went to Women's Community last night at church and we studied Genesis 37. Our Speaker Beth Lee is so awesome, and she spent some time talking about why God let Joseph walk like 65 miles, unknowing what was about to happen to him, to his brothers and then they ended up throwing him in a hole and selling him to traders. He let it happen because He saw the bigger picture. Joseph saved his families' lives when the famine came and had God not allowed him to be sold, they probably all would have died.  I love that thought, no matter where you are in life or what has happened or will happen, it is allowed for a reason and that reason is because God sees the bigger picture in your life.

Beth says it so much better and makes it really stick with you but I just like knowing He is here every step of the way!

You can't look at this picture and not smile!

Sweet Baby Man


  1. Haha...I have never in my life seen so much dog hair rolling across my floor. I am right there with ya.

  2. Don't hurry and turn one - July can take it's time!!

    I think after having Adeline I "got God" more. I could see how we are like tiny infants ans if we rely only on our (heavenly) father - we will be good to go!
    It's when we start to try and do everything on our own, that's when we start to make those mistakes.
    Praise the Lord He can make those mistakes into life changing moments where we can RUN back to His arms and continue down His awesome road for us.
    I look at my daughters and I know how much I love them - yet it's not even a drop in the bucket compared to how much God loves us!:)